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Music producer, singer, songwriter and composer from Hamburg. The tracks contain the sound of guitar and synthesizer. He sings to lyrics written by himself.


Main genres are trance and house with vocals (English and German) or instrumental only.

The music catalog also includes some chillout tunes with calm beats.

Release date:

The music tracks have been released monthly since 2021 and can be found worldwide on all music and video streaming platforms (spotify, soundcloud, youtube, beatport,..).




Music title

  1. The title called BASTAN was honored twice in international film festivals in Jan.2024.
  2. 1st place in TMA's USA and honored in shorts.3 from Italy (Mar.2024). The title BASTAN is the second sound composition in cinematic style after PEACOCK.


Music video

The unreleased music video for the title Summer received the "Honorable Mention" award from the Berlin Music Video Awards (04/2024).

The title Summer is part of the music album Route56 and belongs to the music genre Tropical-House.

TEHRAN watercolor painting above and as digital artcover below.

EARTH painting in watercolor above and as artcover below.

Personal details

An artist with Persian roots and living in Germany, Hamburg.

Grew up in Bremen and later in Tehran, which makes the influence of different cultures noticeable in his works.

He has been on the artist's path since he was a teenager. Starting with making comics and caricatures and later with watercolor painting, modeling objects (clay, stone, soapstone), photography and technical drawing.


Voluntary work (Film)

Part of the film viewing team (juror) of the 29th International OpenEyes Film Festival 2024 in Marburg (Germany).


Volunteering (German - Persian)

Simultaneous interpretation



The covers of the albums Tehran and Earth belong to the pictures I had previously created as watercolor paintings, which were used in digitalized form as art covers for my music.



His interest in the film industry led to small roles in theater, film and various productions. These included both as an extra and as an actor in music shows and commercials.


  • TV show (MTV, fist of zen), 2007
  • Film production (adaptation of Jerry Cotton novel), 2009
  • Advertising, 2008


Film production

The first own productions were created with simple means (hardware and software), which were later spiced up with effects in post-production and published as short films or music videos.



To date, various animated films have been created using AR technology (augmented reality), A.I. and stop-motion technology.

The pilot episode of the 2D animation called "Short-Story" accompanied by the music track Schanze from the album Moin was published on YouTube in 2022. The script written for it is available on LinkedIn.


Other AR animations have been created, for example, as a music video for the release "Race" and during the Hamburg Marathon (2022). There are also trailers such as for the release Day Dreams (2023), which were created using a combination of AR and stop-motion technology.

A trailer for the title Skyfighter (2021) was created using AR and 3D lidar technology.



In addition to creating posts on social media platforms (Chrossmedial), written articles and (video) posts appear on LinkedIn for the weekly newsletter (topics: festivals, events, trade fairs) and on the homepage blog.

Through the newsletter on the homepage, interested parties receive, for example, vouchers, free tickets to events and other exciting tips about the world of music.



Productions (film and animation)

Only some of the public and non-public productions can be seen in this overview  

The large number of Reels, Shorts, Spotify Canva (over 72 pieces) and video posts produced for my LinkedIn newsletter are not listed in the homepage overview but You can watch an overview of all video contributions and motion graphics on LinkedIn (opens in new page).



🌐 All music titles are registered titles with Gema (Germany) and are subject to global copyright protection laws. Copying, reproducing and selling the works is not permitted. all rights reserved.

®️©️Sam Zand Yazdani 

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