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Official music videos

Official music video of WIND (release energy)

Official music video Paradise (release route56)


Esfand Victory 

(release Esfand Victory)


(release Moin)

Day Dreams

Produced with AR (Augmented Reality)

video technology


Short Story by SamZYArtist 

Music: Schanze (release Moin)

Reels (Instagram)

Shorts: AI generated animation (Youtube)

Star Wars storm troopers 

Music: Virtual Dimension

(release Virtual)

Box fight

Music: Scream (release Phoenix)

Walking Dead Dj Party, 

Music: Party Fever (release Phoenix)

Hollywood stars

Music: Bastan (release Bastan)

AR-/VR productions: Link to AR-/ VR short films and virtual examples only upon request


Film Overview: The Overview about all my productions are here  available.


🌐 All music titles are registered titles with Gema (Germany) and are subject to global copyright protection laws. Copying, reproducing and selling the works is not permitted. all rights reserved.

®️©️Sam Zand Yazdani 

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